Sydney, New South Wales

"Many thanks for the opportunity to chat about my experience with your services so far. I would say this is a pivotal moment in my career journey and whilst I was facing both satisfaction learning and trialing new methods in my role, I was also facing some challenges which were preventing growth and progression. 

Meeting you and commencing our consultations by both phone and face to face,  left me feeling a lot more confident. You provided useful tools to approach my daily work strategies, whilst also assuring I had the skills and innate capabilities to progress further allowing more confidence in my choices. Having mainly run my own business over the past 15 years and working now in a corporate environment with varying levels of leadership and direction, means I had to learn a total new business language whilst seeking to remain true to my work values


The material you provide along with our several conversations now, have opened ways to communication and approach any business situation. Finally, you have an incredible amount of IP and valuable learnings to pass on to others both in business and personal and I'd like to take the opportunity to extend my gratitude for your kindness and relaxed, supportive approach in sharing this with me. It has been the onset of a very exciting career chapter indeed!"

Melbourne, Victoria

"Matt is a person who has developed skills over many years in business, mentoring, sales and coaching. He has a natural ability to guide, mentor and coach people to get the best out of their business, relationships and themselves.
Matt speaks the truth in a direct, caring and compassionate way that empowers individuals to do, be and see more of their inner light.
I highly recommend Matt and the guidance he has given me thus far has been rewarding, impactful, thought provoking, concise, clear and relevant to my needs. Thank you so much"

Sydney, New South Wales


"Matt is an exceptional coach who's guidance helps the clients to find their true potential. He's gifted!
By showing his professional attitude and importance of my matter I knew I am in good hands. Matt is a caring and warmhearted person. Excellent listener who shows an interest what has been communicated. He is honest and reliable. After our session I feel empowered and ready to create the future I desire"

Auckland, New Zealand

"Hi Matt...just touching base to let you know how much I’ve gained from our coaching sessions. I feel like I’m now on the right road to becoming the person I aspire to be. Your coaching methods are unique in that so much written material is generously supplied which means I can keep referring back to what we’ve discussed as I hit the challenges in life. Many thanks again, I appreciate your expertise, your thoughtfulness, patience and kindness"

Perth, Western Australia

"Your coaching support Matt has definitely opened so many opportunities for me. You make me see things in a more healthy perspective.
I am a simple person and you help me to create simply, but the outcome is great.
I look at what behaviours serve, what behaviours I need to keep and what behaviours I need to let go. My choice and commitment to adopt the right behaviours allows my growth. My growth means I can add more value and help others to experience the same."

Noosa, Queensland

"Having never enlisted the services of a coach or mentor previously, I was extremely sceptical of what I would encounter.
I am delighted to say that my experience has been nothing but positive thanks to Matt Wood at Flick the Switch Consulting.
Matt is an extraordinarily talented coach. He has a natural ability to understand his clients and their individual needs. Matt has stood by me and supported me every step of the way.
The compassionate, considerate and professional manner in which Matt operates is simply exemplary.
Whilst my journey is far from over, I have new found confidence that I will be able to achieve my goals and obtain all that I desire.
Thank you Matt for your unwavering support"

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