So You're A Manager. Now What ?

Updated: May 2, 2019

Gaining the opportunity to step into a managerial role is a great chance to demonstrate your worth. Like reaching black belt status in martial arts, it does not mean you have arrived, rather you are just recommencing your journey.

Unfortunately many people see the role as power and that is their undoing. Position provides the opportunity to be better, to bring people with you, to demonstrate fear is not conducive to growth, to be a realist not a theorist, to actually watch and enjoy people grow because of your actions. What an opportunity.

Position is not needing to have all the answers, rather ask, source, feel uncertain and pave a way with others.

Below outlines 6 opportunities to consider when placing or claiming a position within a business or organisation. Use position in order to:

1. Platform to display Leadership abilities. To earn respect, promote the right candidate and be an example to the task at hand

2. Acknowledge your authority is recognised, therefore you may use wisdom, dedication and relatability to generate teamwork, productivity and growth.

3. Ask questions, typically relate these to Product, Processes, Pricing, People, Promotion and Policies in order to develop your team and exceed business Vision, Mission and Goals

4. Define your leadership style

5. Reflect often, focus on Who, Where, When, What, Why, How

6. Be accountable. Ensure you continue to develop yourself as well as others.

Contact me if taking small steps to create huge results matters to you. How does that sound ?

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