"How to Exchange Overwhelm for Peace"

"It takes one to know one, one to show one, one to grow one. It takes humility, leadership and resolve"

All too often we get caught up in abiding by other people's desires, directions and dissertations. We follow

We desire our own path, speak, yearn and learn to be quiet.

We can feel unheard, unappreciated and undervalued. As a result we isolate, lose hope, lose confidence, lose Self worth.

We lose the ability to communicate and can learn the ability to react rather than respond. The ability to manipulate, force and be the aggressor. Or we can simply hide in the corner and accept, silently blaming, complaining and feeling the same year on year.

Be aware, this is not isolated to low paid people, Managers, Owners, CEO's feel the same.

The question is (without pushing people out of the way): "How would you like it to Be"

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