"Only when it Matters Enough does Change Occur"

Flick the Switch Consulting founder Matt Wood has years of experience in business development across Sales, Marketing, Relationship Management, Marketshare Development and managing a portfolio of franchisee's in the travel industry where margins are small, incentives tight, expectations and competition high. 

The greatest expense to any business operation irregardless how big or small is recruitment.

When a business cannot retain staff, it loses time, opportunity, motivation, productivity, brand, teamwork, culture.

Most businesses react and replace only to repeat the same. Sound like the definition of insanity to you ?

Flick the Switch Coaching provide strategies for identifying how to plan ahead, align your vision, recruit staff, market the business, improve sales through client engagement and relationships, increase productivity and profits so you may expand or sell with clarity and certainty.

Let us investigate the Core Questions to effective Business Planning

Flick the Switch Consulting enables business owners and managers to leverage the very best of their operation through a greater understanding of every element.

When there is greater clarity, there offers a greater application of what is important to the business, matters to the business, aligns with the business’ values, vision and mission (see book ‘Establishing Business values, Vision and Mission’) and provides greater understanding to employee’s within the business.

The methods used by Flick the Switch Consulting operate from four elements:

• Environment (Why)   • Structure (What)   • Implementation (How)   • People (Who)

Each of these an intrinsic value to every aspect of a business: people, place, position, productivity and profit.


The four elements apply to leadership, management, recruitment, communication and relationship development.

How you choose to utilise them, dictates the level of detail you receive. The more detail, the greater the certainty, clarity, conviction and courage.

We create and operate a business not because it is easy, rather because it matters, there is a purpose beyond ourselves, typically time & financial freedom spent with those we cherish.

The greater the clarity or access to, the greater the cohesion, forward momentum, growth and success. A business is a legacy not a hobby.

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