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“You must know yourself to grow yourself”​ - J.C Maxwell

Hello I am Matt Wood of Flick The Switch Consulting - a Business Performance Specialist & Mentor.

I am in the business of leading a business to new levels by focusing on the engagement levels, opportunities & stretched capacity of it's people.

We teach businesses how to add value and create a" life by design not default" for the long term.

What that means is I bring time, enjoyment and peace of mind back to individuals and businesses currently facing internal difficulties, so they may be more effective, productive and appealing.

With a sense of control, people are less burnt out, happier, engaged, less chaotic, responsive to change, training and development. 

When a business operates more fluidly; homelife, personal life and profitability improves.


If you are or know a business owner, manager or staff member exhausted or overwhelmed in the workplace, needing to step out of chaos and into an enjoyable state of mind, I welcome the conversation.

"It matters to me because it matters to you. This is my promise"


Have you or your team

Lost your Sales Mojo

Lost Direction for how to take their businesses forward

Lost Passion for why they went into business in the first place

Are Feeling generally Disheartened, and not satisfied and feel like something is missing in your Employment


Don’t leave !

“Circumstances don’t make a Person, they reveal them”


The growth available in a challenge is far greater than the growth received shifting elsewhere.

Having a system enables focus, motivation and results.

Would you like help ?

At Home:

Do you struggle to be understood, manage your time, have a need to escape just for quiet and to recharge and feel guilty knowing there is a better way, you just can't put your finger on it ?

In the Office:

Do you struggle with your team, with your Manager, with communicating with Chief Management and having people do what is required ?

In Recruitment and Retention:

Do you struggle to identify the right candidate for the right position, whether internal or external recruitment, the business finds it hard to capture that 'perfect candidate' and is tired of the massive recruitment costs and those who say they can perform but don't ?

Let me ask you:

When is enough enough : When does it matter enough for you to make one decision, one conversation to listen, learn, lead.

Change occurs only when we are tired of where we are and know where we want to go

Do you know where you would like to be ?

You do not need to have the answers - I gladly help - You'll find it easier than you anticipate


Flick the Switch Consulting Services are a 'Coaching Collective' are Specialists in:

- Business Startup Direction & Support -
- Business Management -

- Leadership Development -

- Communication Development -

- Sales Development Strategies & Objection Handling -

- Behavioural Mentoring: E-DISC, Meta Dynamics & NLP Profiling -

- Personal Development -

- Relationship Coaching -

We help people shift barriers to growth through Intentional Change, by identifying and realigning Values and Purpose. 

Together we identify non-productive patterns, inconsistent behaviours and operate from a Value-Add principle by including all affected for greater results.

We ask the questions:

- What is this costing you Now -

- How would you like it to Be -

- What will shifting this issue enable you to Do -

- How will you feel, what will you see, hear and be telling yourself, when you no longer have these issues -


“It begins and ends with You in Mind"

In simple terms we look at and amend:

The Environment or Culture, the Systems, Habits or Patterns in place, the Implementation of these Systems and align this to the desired Outcome or People

Practical Purpose:

Flick the Switch Coaching has arranged strategic plans and pricing to meet your needs



Matt Wood is an accomplished life coach, business coach & mentor, franchise network manager, sales executive, travel market authority.

See Biography for further information.

Appointments are conducted in person, phone, video or conference call

Workshops are available upon request

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