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"When it matters to you - it matters to me"

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Flick the Switch Business Consulting focuses on Results not Promises - We Design your Business so you enjoy your Ideal Life

What this means is:

You have more Time for Family, Yourself, Identifying new Roles or Opportunities

You have more Money to Provide, Invest, Enjoy and

You have more Scale to Develop Team Members, Expand or Sell the Business and any new ideas or aspirations

Redesign. Construct. Deliver. Grow 

Rebuilding Businesses to Thrive, not just Survive 




No Time. No Staff. Rising Costs. New Standards to meet… 

No one said being a business owner was easy but with all the obstacles put the way it can be hard to keep hold of your vision and remember why you took the leap of faith, why you took the bull by the horns and decided to be the master of your own destiny 

But most days it’s the Same S*** Different Day


You know you do a huge amount of good in your local community, providing jobs and servicing your customers but some weeks it would just be nice to have a bit or space so you can spend time with the family and pursue other passion projects because you know there is a world outside your business but you just don’t know how to get there. 


Introducing Matt Wood - The Business Architect 


It has always been my passionate belief, that every person should be able to be successful in their business life while living their most healthy, joyful and fulfilling life and to their greatest potential. From my early days as a labourer to now I have seen again and again the toll success has had on business owners work hard to give everyone around them what they need to thrive often at the expense of themselves - Success really is a double edged sword. 


Over the years what I have come to realise is there are three key areas that businesses need to have working together to create a vehicle that will allow a business owner to realise their bigger vision 


  • Promotion

  • People 

  • Profit 


We tend to forget a business is simply a vehicle we use to get us to where we want to go. A business shouldn’t be the be all and end all in our lives. However this is what happens, as when a business doesn’t have all their internal systems or components are not working in tandem, its like a wheel failing off a car and not having a spare or roadside rescue. 


Sure your other wheels may support the car and allow you to push it along until you find a spare tire but it takes a huge amount of effort and it is likely in the process you will damage the other wheels and you will need to give the car more support to keep moving it forward. 

This is where road side comes in handy and that is exactly what I am. 


I am the person who comes along with a set of purpose built tools and help you put on a new spare tire so you can jump back in the car and get to where you want to go faster. 


Sure you could keep pushing the car along the road until you get to where you want to go, but why would you continue to do that if you know there is another way that will get you where you want to go faster? 


My mission is to help successful business owners rebuild their business to give them the space they need to create the future they want.  I do this by working closing with business owners to:


  • Redesign their business plan to align with their vision

  • Construct the systems and resources that are missing 

  • Deliver results; and 

  • Create growth opportunities for the business and the business owner. 


If that sounds like something that you need in your life - if you create a vehicle for success not just a time sucking suck-u-bus  then... let’s get going and do this together!


Money is Made or Lost in 3 Key Areas:

Promotion - People - Profit


Let me ask you:

  1. Where are things right now for you & your Business ?

  2. Where do you want to take It ?

  3. What is getting in the Way ?


Business Owners often tell me:

They're tired. They're keen to Grow. It's time to Scale


Now it is Time to Celebrate Wins and Grow

How much further would you like to take it. How much more would you like to Do. How much more would you like to Have

"If it matters to you, it matters to me"

Melbourne, Victoria

"Matt is a person who has developed skills over many years in business, mentoring, sales and coaching. He has a natural ability to guide, mentor and coach people to get the best out of their business, relationships and themselves.
Matt speaks the truth in a direct, caring and compassionate way that empowers individuals to do, be and see more of their inner light.
I highly recommend Matt and the guidance he has given me thus far has been rewarding, impactful, thought provoking, concise, clear and relevant to my needs. Thank you so much"


Sydney, New South Wales

"Many thanks for the opportunity to chat about my experience with your services so far. I would say this is a pivotal moment in my career journey and whilst I was facing both satisfaction learning and trialing new methods in my role, I was also facing some challenges which were preventing growth and progression.  

Meeting you and commencing our consultations by both phone and face to face,  left me feeling a lot more confident. You provided useful tools to approach my daily work strategies, whilst also assuring I had the skills and innate capabilities to progress further allowing more confidence in my choices. Having mainly run my own business over the past 15 years and working now in a corporate environment with varying levels of leadership and direction, means I had to learn a total new business language whilst seeking to remain true to my work values


The material you provide along with our several conversations now, have opened ways to communication and approach any business situation. Finally, you have an incredible amount of IP and valuable learnings to pass on to others both in business and personal and I'd like to take the opportunity to extend my gratitude for your kindness and relaxed, supportive approach in sharing this with me. It has been the onset of a very exciting career chapter indeed!​"

Auckland, New Zealand

"Hi Matt...just touching base to let you know how much I’ve gained from our coaching sessions. I feel like I’m now on the right road to becoming the person I aspire to be. Your coaching methods are unique in that so much written material is generously supplied which means I can keep referring back to what we’ve discussed as I hit the challenges in life. Many thanks again, I appreciate your expertise, your thoughtfulness, patience and kindness"

Leadership Profiling

“Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears”

- Les Brown



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